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SEO Package in Delhi with the Most Ethical, White Hat, Organic & Manual SEO Approach

SEO Services India offers the most affordable SEO monthly Package in India. We understand the needs of digital marketing and know its importance for online small business while keeping this in mind we have organized the best digital marketing packages you can ever get from any digital marketing firm.

To fulfill those SEO packages, We have divided the set of activities according to the four different types of packages depending upon the number of targeted keywords. We assure you, our SEO monthly packages are the best SEO packages you can ever get from any SEO Company in India.

Above we have shared a complete list of all the monthly SEO packages, which includes their offerings and deliverables on a monthly basis.

As we have already discussed in our SEO Services page, we do not stick with the same plan on the set of targeted keywords as most of the companies do and that’s what makes us different from them and helps to make our clients website rank on the top of the Search Engine Result Pages.


Total SEO Packages We Offer


Multiple SEO Packages

You Can opt SEO Package

12,000/- INR

For 10 Keywords

Monthly Backlink Creation Capacity


Manually Every Month

Monthly On-Page Capacity


Page Optimizations Every Month

Why Our SEO Monthly Packages Worth for You?

Our team of SEO Experts in India are trained in a manner; they keep on rotating the OFF-Page activities by including different Out of the Box Link Building Techniques. Generally, we take a time frame of 3-4 months to get the best results, but after 2 months we will change the Off-Page plan by removing the activities that are not able to get enough leads and are not adding enough value to the project, They will be completely removed from the monthly SEO package and monthly tasks.

Things We Avoid in SEO Packages India?

In our On-Page activities, we deliver each and every possible activity in all the different types of plans that can play a crucial role in the optimization of your website.

Honestly, we work only for the website users and deliver them a platform which is easy to use and understand, which also helps website’s to get found in the search engine results easily.

As many SEO companies do, they work for the search engines and crawlers just to boost up the rankings, which impacts badly on the online reputation of the website because they perform spam stuff while optimizing the website, But at SEO Services India, we strictly avoid to perform this kind of activities, we make your website real for the crawlers as well as for the users, which helps to build a trust for your brand in the online place. Which is one of the best part of our SEO Packages in India.

Local SEO Packages India | Local SEO Package Delhi | Local SEO Packages

SEO Plan Types 1-10 Kwds 8K INR / $ 120 11-20 Kwds 11K INR / $ 140 21-30 Kwds 15K INR / $ 190 31-40 Kwds 20K INR / $ 250
SEO + Content Marketing + Branding + ORM
Articles 5 7 10 13
Local Business Listing 3 5 7 10
Social Bookmarking 20 30 40 50
Classified 5 7 10 13
Podcast 20 30 40 50
Brand Profiles 5 7 10 12
PPT/PDF 10 15 20 30
Question & Answers 5 7 10 15
Image Sharing 15 20 30 40
Blog Commenting 5 7 10 13
On-Page Activities Click to View List Click to View List Click to View List Click to View List
Total Activities (Monthly) 93 135 187 246

National SEO Packages India | National SEO Package Delhi| National SEO Packages

SEO Plan Types 1-10 Kwds 10K INR / $ 130 11-20 Kwds 15K INR / $ 190 21-30 Kwds 20K INR / $ 250 31-40 Kwds 25K INR / $ 300
SEO + Content Marketing + Branding + ORM
Local Business Listing35710
Social Bookmarking20304050
Brand Profiles571012
Question & Answers571015
Image Sharing15203040
Blog Commenting571013
On-Page Activities Click to View List Click to View List Click to View List Click to View List
Total Activities (Monthly)93135187246

International SEO Packages India | International SEO Package Delhi

SEO Plan Types 1-10 Kwds 15K INR / $ 190 11-20 Kwds 20K INR / $ 250 21-30 Kwds 25K INR / $ 300 31-40 Kwds 30K INR / $ 370
SEO + Content Marketing + Branding + ORM
Local Business Listing571015
Social Bookmarking30405060
Brand Profiles7101215
Question & Answers7101520
Image Sharing20304050
Blog Commenting7101315
On-Page Activities Click to View List Click to View List Click to View List Click to View List
Total Activities (Monthly)135187246305
SEO Package (Additional Benefits)
Dedicated Project ManagerYesYesYesYes
Dedicated Video EditorYesYesYesYes
Dedicated On-Page SpecialistYesYesYesYes
Dedicated Off-Page SpecialistYesYesYesYes
Dedicated Graphic DesignerYesYesYesYes
Dedicated SMO SpecialistYesYesYesYes
Weekly ReportsNoNoYesYes
Fortnightly ReportsNoYesYesYes
Monthly ReportsYesYesYesYes
Ranking ReportYesYesYesYes
Conversion Clicks TrackingYesYesYesYes
Progress Report GenerationsYesYesYesYes

SEO Package Addons* (Social Media Sharing)

Addons* - Social Media Sharing (Organic)
SEO Plan Types 5K INR / $ 60 8K INR / $ 100 12K INR / $ 150 15K INR / $ 190
SEO + Content Marketing + Branding + ORM
Facebook Graphics5101520
Instagram Graphics5101520
Twitter Graphics5101520
LinkedIn Graphics5101520
Pinterest Graphics5101520
Facebook Shorts2345
Instagram Shorts2345
Twitter Shorts2345
LinkedIn Shorts2345
Pinterest Shorts2345
Total Sharing (Monthly)356595125

Monthly SEO Services Weekly On-Page Checklist 2024

Monthly SEO Services On-Page Checklist Week 1

  • ✅Keywords Research Keyword Research is the method of finding and finalizing the terms to use in the SEO campaign on which the rankings should come up in the Google search for organic leads generation
  • ✅URL Rewriting URL rewriting is the process of SEO optimization of the Page Slug which is one of the biggest ranking factors that helps in increasing the organic rankings on Google
  • ✅Page Title A page title is the name of a web page that appears in the Google search result snippets. Optimizing page titles is one of the top SEO ranking factors and can also be used to increase the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) and Conversions.
  • ✅Meta Description A page description is a short web page description that appears in the Google search result snippets. Optimizing page descriptions is one of the SEO ranking factors and can also be used to increase the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) and Conversions.
  • Meta Keywords A web page’s meta keyword is the section through which we define the important terms/phrases or focus keywords of a web page based on which the search algorithms consider a web page for the rankings in the defined focus keywords.
  • ✅OG Tags The OG Tag (Open Graph Tag), used on a web page, ensures the URL, Page title, and featured image appear at their best while sharing the web page on social media platforms. The same Tag works for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • ✅DC Tags The DC Tag (Dublin Core meta tag) is a metadata tag through which we define the meta tags of a web page as the same as meta tags (Title, Description, and Keywords). This tag also helps in making the rankings up on Google.
  • ✅Canonical Tags A canonical tag is an individual or a specific link element to a web page that specifies crawlers with the original page content on a website and avoids any additional duplicate copy of the same page on the web server as well as from Google’s Search Database.
  • ✅Twitter Cards Twitter cards are a set of metadata codes that help Twitter fetch the rich Image, videos, and any other rich media content from the landing page while sharing the page on Twitter for tweets.
  • ✅JSON LD Business JSON-LD schema is a page structure markup set of codes we implement on the individual web pages so crawlers can understand the structure of your web page easily.
  • ✅Location Schema Location schema is a type of local schema code we implement to give signals to the crawlers regarding the type of business products and services the website offer along with the targeted location.
  • ✅Google Analytics Integration Google Analytics is Google’s official tool which gives clear insights into the daily visitors on your website with metrics like Organic Traffic, Paid Traffic, Referral traffic, and Direct traffic.
  • ✅Google Search Console Integration Google search console is Google’s official tool to identify the errors on your website related to indexing, page experience, 404, and Redirecting Pages so the same can be fixed for a smoothly running website.

Monthly SEO Services On-Page Checklist Week 2

  • ✅Sticky Call Button We use the sticky call button to increase a website's conversion rate optimization. Over 80% of the users are now searching through mobile and giving a direct call button could increase lead flow.
  • ✅Sticky Live Chat Button Live chat buttons offer your website visitors to connect with you directly through live web chats and which increases the chances of conversion of a website visitor into a customer.
  • ✅Image Alt Tags An image alt tag is an alternate attribute of an image through which web crawlers understand the concept of image and rank the image in the Image section accordingly.
  • ✅Image Title Tags An image title tag is the title attribute of an image through which web crawlers understand the concept of image and rank the image in the Image section accordingly.
  • ✅Heading Tags Optimization There are 6 Headings on web pages H1 to H6 and we optimize every heading as per the requirement so the rankings can be boosted for your website.
  • Keywords Density Optimization Keyword density is the total percentage of the keywords used within the content of a web page. Keyword density is an important ranking factor for any web page.
  • ✅Broken Links Check Broken links are the hyperlinks to the web pages within your website that is not available or have been removed. Those pages are the 404 pages that need to be fixed for a smoothly running website
  • ✅XML Sitemap Generation XML sitemap is the method to inform search crawlers of the total number of web pages available on a website for indexing. The sitemap once created gets submitted to the search console.
  • Location/GEO Sitemap Generation Location or GEO sitemap is a .xml file that includes the local business data which helps in informing the crawlers of the physical business location and further helps in improving the local business rankings.
  • ✅Contact Forms Testing Contact form testing is a process that we do on a regular basis to make sure the contact forms are working fine so you never miss out on any leads you receive through the website contact forms.

Monthly SEO Services On-Page Checklist Week 3

  • ✅FAQ Schema Implementation FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) schema is a script that we add on a web page to target the product or service-related regular questions asked by your customers with their proper answers.
  • ✅Review Schema Implementation Review schema is the star rating schema script we implement on a web page that displays 5-star rating results in the search engine result snippet for your landing page.
  • ✅Product Schema Implementation Product schema is a product detail script that includes the data of the products such as; product name, price, product category, promotion or discount offer, or other things that help a user in the SERP with your details in the Google search itself.
  • ✅Price Schema Implementation Price schema is a script that we implement in individual website pages offering products or service which appears in the SERP snippets with the minimum and maximum cost of the service or product you offer.
  • ✅Internal/Contextual Linking Internal linking or contextual linking is a very important on-page SEO practice that helps a smooth crawling of your website for crawlers as well as also helps your website visitors explore more services you offer. Additionally, internal linking also helps in reducing the bounce rate of websites.

Monthly SEO Services On-Page Checklist Week 4

  • ✅CSS Compression CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) compression is a page loading speed optimization process through which we compress the codes in your CSS files to reduce the server response time and positively impact a faster loading speed.
  • ✅js Compression JS (Java Script) compression is a page loading speed optimization process through which we compress the codes in your JS files to reduce the server response time and positively impact a faster loading speed.
  • ✅HTML Compression HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) compression is the compression of the HTML codes available on your product of service pages. Compressing those codes also helps in improving the loading speed of your website.
  • ✅Image Compression Image compression is an on-page practice through which we reduce the image size in KBs to KBs or MBs to KBs for faster loading. Image compressions help a lot in making your page load faster than ever.
  • ✅Speed Optimization Through cPanel Along with all manual ways to optimize the page loading speed directly through the cPanel of your website hosting which also helps in compressing all the CSS, JS, HTML codes automatically to some extends.
  • ✅htaccess File Compression Codes We also implement render blocking codes and other cache and cookies codes in your website htaccess file which also helps in improving the loading speed of your website.


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Understand Our SEO Packages Off-Page SEO Activities


Articles/Guest Post

With our SEO Packages in India, we publish high-quality, unique, and informative articles and guest posts to third-party general & niche based blogs so we can generate quality backlinks from the strongest content marketing practice to sopped up the process of ranking boost for your website.


Blog On Website

With our SEO packages, we perform deep research on the QUESTIONS asked by your targeted audience on Google. We publish them as blogs on your website to it on other similar keywords to increase the organic traffic which helps in generating user trust flow for your brand.


Q&A Submissions

The Question-and-Answer submissions we perform on sites like Quora and other Q&A platforms allow a hyperlink on our targeted keywords. Our SEO packages include individual caring of your website for Q&A to build high-quality backlinks for better search rankings.


Classified Ads

We always include classified ad submissions with our monthly SEO packages because this practice allows the maximum number of unique referrals that too we can get on exact keywords. Most of the classified ad sites rank on Google SERP and can send quality referral traffic.


PPT/PDF Submission

Under this practice, the articles we published on third-party sites, we utilize by converting them into PPT or PDF files for further resharing on sites like Slideshare, Slideserve, Issuu, and many other document submission sites. This practice of SEO packages helps in positive branding.


Brand Profiles

Brand Profile is the most important activity of any SEO Package that comes under Off-Page Activities. This activity allows high authority, do-follow backlink creation from really trusted and reputed websites that appear in the SERP with your brand name.


Local Business Listing

Local Business Listing or Local Citations both are the same things. Our SEO Monthly packages include a minimum of 5 Local business listings monthly. LBLs is a very important Off-Page activity that helps local business owners for generating leads from locally targeted areas.


Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is an SEO Off-Page which we offer with our every SEO Packages activity through which we not only create backlinks for the targeted pages but also give soft signals to the website crawlers to keep visiting our pages to index any major or minor changes we made.


Podcast Submission

All our SEO Packages India offers a unique activity of Podcast Submission to promote your business through podcasting channels like Spotify, Gaana, iTunes, Amazon Alexa, Google Podcast, and many platforms. This boosts up the SEO organic ranking and branding together.


Image Submission

Image submission includes the promotions of your business products and services through graphics on image submission platforms as well as on suitable social media platforms as per your business industry. Our SEO packages offer image submissions on unique sites for better organic rankings.

Our SEO Packages & Plans are Goal Oriented

Also, as per the website’s customer service themes like B2C services, B2B Services or C2C services we have created a different set of plans for each and every type of website that can be the best fit for the particular type of services offered by your website. So don’t wait, see the plan, choose the best one from your side, and call us now. Our representatives will further assist you in choosing the best and most affordable SEO monthly package that can support your online business to grow rapidly.

All Type of Available SEO Packages

SEO Packages, SEO Packages India, SEO Pricing, Plans Delhi “FAQs and People Also Ask”

The cost of any SEO package depends upon your business sector, the targeted number of keywords, targeted locations, and their organic SEO competition levels. However, our starting SEO package is $180 for local SEO which goes maximum to $200 for 10 keywords for any business sector.

It depends up on the nature of your business + the number of products and services you offer. However, there is no limit on the number of keywords but for any eCommerce sites, we suggest a minimum of 30 keywords as starting SEO package and for non e-commerce sites 10-15 keywords starting SEO package is sufficient. We can further increase the number of keywords as per the performance and that package will be chargeable accordingly.

SEO Packages work for everyone and any industry website can opt for SEO services to generate organic quality leads for their business growth and branding.

The number of backlinks relies on the cost of your SEO package. The higher the package amount the more monthly backlinks will be included. For example, with an SEO package of $200 we offer up to 100 backlinks, and with $400 SEO package you will get 220+ monthly backlinks.

All monthly SEO packages will be chargeable in advance for the month and all invoices should be clear within 7-days of the invoice creation date in order to avoid any campaign pause.

We accept SEO packages payments through direct bank transfers, and PayPal with any Debit Card, or Credit Card. For all payments through Indian banks, 18% GST will be payable. Payments through Paypal will include 6% commission will be applicable. Bank transfers through foreign banks will include 3% to 6% conversion charges + payment handling fee.

With our $200 SEO Package, we spend a minimum of 1 hour on a daily basis (Working Days) which means 20 to 25 hours monthly, with $300 SEO packages 1.5 hours daily/35 to 40 hours monthly, $400 SEO Packages 2 hours daily 50 to 55 working hours monthly and so on. For monthly SEO packages over $1500 Monthly, we use dedicated resources for your website SEO campaigns.

Yes, we do. With our monthly SEO packages in India we use all the premium SEO paid tools such as ScreamingFrog, Ahref, Ubersuggest, and Rankwatch for SEO audits. However, we have our own Free SEO Audit Tools that are being used by many SEO agencies today for website audits. Furthermore, we also use paid tools like Photoshop, Wondershare Filmora, and Canva for any type of video editing or graphic designing needs for marketing campaign purposes.

Eventually yes! Since SEO is very unpredictable it is really hard to guarantee on this. However, in our past and recent experiences with the results delivered to our SEO clients, we have seen the keywords rankings coming up sooner if the SEO monthly package is on the higher side.

We believe in creating strong and long-term business relations with you and to make it happen we believe in providing all types of supports that will help with the progress of the campaign that could be related to making changes in websites, sharing of SEO reports, taking approvals for any major changes required, sharing of ranking reports, taking your feedbacks, monthly SEO campaign strategy analysis and planning, content related help and everything which is necessary.

Highly Rated Professional SEO Service India



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